Special offer for travellers by car to VitaPark hotels in the Carpathians.

Are you planning a long trip? Take advantage of the opportunity to stop for a rest on the road and save on accommodation.

The idea to drive all the Carpathians by car is grandiose! We care about your comfort at every stage of the journey! We present a special offer for our guests who are planning their trip to the hotel from distant parts of the country and want to make a stop halfway to the goal.
Use the exclusive promo code VitaPark2024 and get a 15% discount on hotel accommodation:
- Optima Pochaiv
- Optima Rivne
This unique offer was created specifically to make your trip as pleasant and convenient as possible. Whether you're planning a long trip to Vita Park Karpaty or Vita Park Polyana, now you have the opportunity to stop for a rest on the way and save on accommodation.
How to take advantage of the offer? It's simple: when booking a room by phone or online, use the promo code VitaPark2024. When checking into the hotel, don't forget to show your booking confirmation for Vita Park Karpaty or Vita Park Polyana, and the discount will be yours.
Don't miss the opportunity to make your trip even more enjoyable. Plan your holiday today and hit the road with comfort and profit!
We are waiting for you at our hotels and wish you an unforgettable travel experience!


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